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Health Benefits

11 Proven Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling Benefits

11 Proven Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

The benefits of Oil Pulling include supporting the immune system, treating headaches, improving skin condition, fighting caries, boosting energy levels, keeping lips soft and supple, supporting cardiovascular health, a natural detoxifying, freshens the breath, fights gingivitis and whitens teeth.

Your oral health is linked to your overall well-being. More and more studies are proving that dysbiotic oral cavity leads to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer, dementia and various cardiovascular problems.

In order to avoid a frightening health problem, maintaining oral hygiene is vital. Part of this involves brushing and flossing twice a day to keep your mouth bacteria free, while others use mouthwash. However, various mouthwashes kill both good and bad bacteria due to the presence of numerous chemicals in them.

So how do you keep microorganisms on track? You just need to integrate the oil pump into your program.

What is Oil Tralling?

It is an ancient practice of Ayurveda that removes toxins from your body by pouring pure oil around your mouth. It has a direct effect on various oral problems such as dental plaque, bad breath, gingivitis.

If you continue for a long time, you will see a dramatic improvement in your hair and skin. It is also a fantastic treatment for teeth whitening, relieving joint pain, eliminating parasites and correcting body odor.

Procedure and oil for use

Pulling oil seems like a simple practice, but you need to be vigilant when pulling oil for the first time. You will need top carrier oil such as organic sesame, olive oil or coconut oil and antimicrobial essential oil such as lemon, oregano or tea tree oil. Be careful not to use a drop of essential oil as it is very strong.


  • Mix essential oil with ½ teaspoon of carrier oil.
  • Put this preparation in your mouth for 10-15 minutes.
  • Avoid swallowing the oil as it contains germs and toxins.
  • Make sure the oil reaches every part of your mouth.
  • Spit out the oil and brush your teeth carefully.
  • Follow it at least 1-4 times a day if you have a history of oral or other health problems.

11 Amazing health benefits from oil extraction

1. Supports the Immune System

Oils such as coconut oil are a storehouse of vitamin A and various fatty acids, which are essential for boosting your immune system. This is why oil wire has remained part of Ayurveda traditions for centuries.

You can eliminate bacteria and the accumulation of toxic stress by drawing oil. In addition, a strong immune system helps to improve your quality of life, as it keeps away infectious bacteria, oxidative stress and cancer cells.

2. Treats Headaches

Many things cause constant headaches, including insomnia, poor eyesight, caffeine withdrawal or staring at the screen for hours. ONE headache is a common but completely irritating health disease. Oil daily has shown positive effects on headaches by reducing the intensity of pain in no time.

3. Improves the condition of the Skin

Natural oils such as coconut and sesame oil are high in vitamin E and vitamin C, both of which are good for your skin.

The lubricant removes toxins that put pressure on your skin leaving you spotless and radiant. There is a reason why many well-known beauty brands incorporate plenty of vitamin E into their skin care products.

4. Fights Cavities

Improper flossing and brushing techniques can sometimes leave hidden bacteria in your mouth and such oral hygiene can cause tooth decay. This is where swishing comes in. Pulling oil allows you to get rid of bacteria that prevent the formation of cavities in your mouth.

5. Keeps Lips Soft and Supple

Dry and cracked lips do not look attractive and are a sign of a dehydrated body. choose natural options to cure them. Oil extraction can heal chapped lips due to the presence of fat-soluble vitamins found in the oils.

6. Supports Cardiovascular Health

Oral bacteria can leak into your bloodstream and cause plaque buildup, leading to cardiovascular disease. So invest some time in pumping oil and protect your blood circulation because a mouth without diseases means a healthy body.

7. Natural Detoxifier

Bacteria and germs cause inflammation and drainage diseases, making your body weak and tired. Pulling oil restores the lost strength of your body, preventing harmful bacteria from entering through your oral cavity.

8. Increase energy levels

If your body is constantly exposed to harmful pathogens, it can deplete your immune system of too much energy.

Pulling oil is a safe bet because it removes a lot of toxins from your mouth before they even get inside your body. This way, your body does not make extra effort to maintain energy levels.

9. It freshens your breath

The presence of bad bacteria in your mouth leads to bad breath – and this can lead to annoying situations. You need to consider the 100 percent natural method of extracting oil to remove bad breath and prevent yourself from the adverse effects of hard alcohol rinsing.

10. Fights Gingivitis

Redness, swelling and bleeding of the gums are symptoms of a disease of the gums called gingivitis, which occurs due to the bacteria found in the plaque. If not noticed, it causes severe inflammation in the oral cavity.

You can treat the condition through olive oil as it creates friction, creating a soap-like effect in your mouth. This type of cleaning reaches the area where the toothbrush does not go, killing more germs and bacteria that cause gingivitis.

11. Whiten your teeth

Anything less than pearly white teeth is considered unattractive and creates problems with self-esteem. Plaque buildup is often what leads to unattractive discoloration.

However, there is a natural cure. lubrication two to three times a day. This reduces the plague on your teeth, thus whitening them. You may notice the desired effect in just a few weeks if you practice it on a daily basis.


It is unbelievable that just baking a preparation can prevent not only oral problems but also other health problems. Various mouthwashes that claim to dissolve bacteria and germs can not compete with a natural remedy like oil paste because the latter has a significant effect on your immune and cardiovascular health.


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