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11 Proven Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

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11 Proven Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

Healthy nails are less prone to brittleness. They look good with or without nail polish. However, if you use excessive products such as nail color, hard nail polishes, manicures and cleaning detergents – you put your nail health at risk of various complications. Like your skin, your nails are supposed to stay hydrated.

Maintaining healthy nails requires proper care. You should also take precautions in this matter on a daily basis.

Most women think that doing a manicure is enough to keep their nails healthy, while various other factors contribute to strong nails, including your diet. Your body needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to support nail health. And insufficient levels of nutrients will eventually lead to weak and damaged nails.

Also, lack of nutrients or unhealthy practices can contribute to the growth of nail fungus. You should see a dermatologist immediately in this case, as the delay will worsen your condition. In addition, if you choose the right nail care tips, you can prevent your nails from a variety of harmful factors that allow them to stay healthy for the most extensive running.

11 Effective tips for strong and healthy Nails

1. Dry and clean nails

Unhealthy practices contribute to the formation of germs and bacteria that are the main causes of nail damage. You have to stop them before they play. That is why it is necessary to maintain hygiene by keeping your nails clean and dry. Do not expose your nails to water for a long time as it allows them to tear fast enough.

In addition, you should wear good quality kitchen gloves before the dish to avoid possible damage. Washing detergents are made with chemicals that can significantly disassemble the nails and the skin around them.

2. Moisturizing cream

To create an effective nail care routine, invest in a high quality moisturizer. Beauty experts recommend keeping your nails and cuticles hydrated 24/7. Dryness and peeling are dangerous because your nails are sensitive and prone to breakage.

So, moisturizing your nails will make them healthy, preventing dryness. In addition to moisturizers, you can find a wide range of skin oils on the market. These oils are specially formulated to maintain the strength and shine of your nails.

3. Cut your nails often

You need to choose frequent nail trimming. It is recommended to monitor the condition of your nails every third week and cut them well if necessary. Beauty experts suggest that long nails are also prone to breakage. This is why you should avoid growing your nails to drastic lengths.

4. Stop scratching the Nail Polish

Scratching nail polish off your nails instead of using nail polish remover is an unhealthy habit. You should avoid doing this as it makes the surface of your nails uneven and rough. When you scratch the color of your nails, the top layer of your nail comes out with it. In addition, beauty experts recommend that you apply your nail polish to make it last longer.

5. Do not bite your Nails

Some people are accustomed to biting their nails without knowing that it can break their nail. When your nail meets the saliva, it makes your nail brittle affecting you epidermis. To maintain your healthy nails, you should immediately give up this vulgar habit.

6. Take care of the Cuticles

Like other parts of your body, cuticles also need attention. Do not forget that they are sensitive and prone to damage. In addition, a nail care routine should include products made primarily for cuticles. You need to massage your cuticles on a daily basis to keep dryness away. The best time for massage is before going to bed after finishing other tasks.

7. Go for a basic Coat

Beauty gurus recommend applying a base coat to the nails because it develops a protective layer that soothes stains and discoloration of the nails. Various factors contribute to these stains and discoloration, such as the use of poor quality nail paints, overexposure to chemicals or smoking that makes your nails look unhealthy and unattractive. So, apply the base coat on a daily basis and keep your nails healthy.

8. Do not go for Acrylics and Gels

You may like to choose nail art. The latter looks beautiful, but unfortunately, gel and acrylics are not nail friendly. When used frequently, both products cause significant damage to your sensitive nails.

In addition, acrylic powder is made with harsh chemicals that significantly roughen your nails. Nail artists often use gels to quickly dry nail colors. However, the drying mechanism is awful for both the cuticles and the skin.

9. Minimum Chemical base Products

It is obvious that nail colors are made with chemicals that are harmful even if you buy the natural one with minimal chemicals used in it. Celebrity makeup artists recommend draining nail colors.

Polishing helps to give shine to your nails, not to mention that healthy nails look as attractive as those coated with subtle colors. In addition, rubbing will save you the time you normally invest in a well-made manicure.

10. Try finger massage

Famous makeup artists have revealed that you should go for finger massage. It will keep your nails strong and shiny. Your hands and fingers are tired after working non-stop all day and you should treat them with a quick massage before bed.

You can do this with regular skin cream or oil. Gently massage the skin around your nail with the product in circular motions for a few seconds. Regular massage also promotes the rapid blood supply that is necessary for nail growth.

11. Get the Maximum Nutrition

A well-balanced diet is the solution to most of your health problems. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that correcting weak and rough nails is possible through the consumption of a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Several studies have concluded that brittle nails are the result of calcium deficiency.

Therefore, you need to be careful what you consume and make changes accordingly. Your daily diet should be based on food choices with maximum nutritional value. When you incorporate dairy products, poultry, protein, seeds and nuts, your nails will receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy.


Discolored and brittle nails do not look attractive. Not to mention, their worst case scenario can land you in most embarrassing situations. This is why you need to follow the useful nail care regimen to keep your nails extremely strong and healthy.

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