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15 Proven Orange Essential Oil Benefits

orange essential oil Oil benefits

15 Proven Orange Essential Oil Benefits

The benefits of orange essential oil include relieving seizures, enhancing sexual function, relieving stress, reducing inflammation, removing excess gas from the body, promoting hormone secretion and preventing infections. Other benefits include improving mood, improving dental hygiene, removing toxins from the body, preventing the accumulation of excess water in the body, improving the appearance of the skin, protecting the heart from thrombotic diseases, promoting healthy hair and promote digestion.

What is orange essential oil?

Orange is a very popular fruit in most parts of the world and is well known for its ability to cleanse the body and improve mood. Orange essential oil is extracted from the peel of the orange, originally native to China.

Citrus sinesis essential oil (the scientific name for orange) is highly valued in aromatherapy to clear the mind and enhance focus and may have been used in ancient times to increase digestion and treat skin problems. This essential oil is still popular today and is commonly used in the cosmetics and health industries for its anti-aging and antiseptic properties respectively.

15 Amazing Benefits Of Orange Essential Oil

1. Relieves Pain

Convulsions are characterized by involuntary contractions in certain parts of the body and can lead to pain in the affected muscles or tissues or even worse to convulsions. Orange essential oil can help suppress seizures, cause relaxation and help you regain your peace of mind. Of course, convulsions could be the result of nutritional deficiencies or deeper problems, so in case the essential oil does not help, medical treatment should be sought (source).

2. Enhances sexual function

Orange essential oil can be very helpful in improving sexual performance in both men and women. When used regularly, it can even prevent sexual problems such as decreased libido, impotence, decreased interest in sex and erection problems that affect sexual health. Orange essential oil can also increase the secretion of sex hormones, thus enhancing your sex life. Its aroma is known to be stimulating and improves blood flow.

3. Relieves stress

When the body is exposed to high stress scenarios, anxiety, depression and anger can occur. While sedatives are often prescribed to calm the body either physically or psychologically and to relieve stress-related situations, they have the potential to create habit and addiction. Orange essential oil can be used as a natural sedative to help the body relax and relieve related stress symptoms such as anxiety and depression, and best of all, without the negative effects.

4. Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is a natural process that the body uses to enhance the healing process, however, when it becomes chronic, it is known to trigger many serious diseases, including heart disease and atherosclerosis. Orange essential oil can help the body reduce the risk of these diseases, as it has anti-inflammatory compounds that suppress the action of free radicals. It also helps relieve excessive swelling and tenderness, such as that associated with arthritis or soft tissue injuries (source).

5. Removes excess gas

Gases form in the intestines and when they accumulate in the abdomen, severe discomfort and embarrassment is the usual result. A natural way to get rid of excess gas from the body is the regular use of orange essential oil, as it can act to reduce gas formation and enhance its removal from the body. As a carcinogen, this essential oil can relax the muscles of the abdominal wall and anal sphincter to facilitate the easy elimination of excess gas from the gastrointestinal tract and also helps the accumulation of small bubbles in larger ones, which are easier to pass as .

6. Promotes the secretion of hormones

Hormones are necessary for normal functions to be performed effectively, so their secretions by the glands must be optimized for performance. Orange essential oil can be effective in increasing the rate of secretion of hormones by the glands and is recommended for breastfeeding mothers and menstruating women to boost milk production and help regulate menstruation respectively.

7. Prevents infections

Wounds on the skin are the main real estate for the occurrence of infections and can easily complicate the healing process. When this happens, the use of antibiotics may be justified, but fortunately you do not have to wait that far. Orange essential oil is such a natural antiseptic, which can kill bacteria that remain at the wound site and can enter the bloodstream and start copying them. Regular application of the oil also helps to accelerate wound closure and healing.

8. Improves mood

Orange essential oil can boost mood and reduce depression, especially when inhaled. The aroma of citrus reaches the brain and helps the body overcome stress and mood swings that can have a negative effect on brain health. It can also be important to increase energy levels by promoting sleep (source).

9. Improves Dental Hygiene

Bad breath and gum infections can be annoying and typically a breeding ground for bacteria, making it important for you to take good care of your mouth as a whole. Orange essential oil can help with oral care through its mild aroma which can help eliminate halitosis (bad breath). It can be mixed with warm water and used for rinsing the mouth, as it can also help kill unnecessary bacteria and prevent the growth of ulcers and inflamed gums.

10. It has diuretic properties

As a diuretic, orange essential oil can be effective in facilitating the passage of urine through the body, thus increasing the rate of removal of toxic substances, including excess sodium and uric acid. This property makes this essential oil a good choice to prevent the accumulation of excess water in the body, a condition referred to as edema. Its oil penetrates the skin, so the application with massage is also surprisingly effective.

11. Improves the appearance of the skin

Oily skin is prone to acne, making sebum prevention a primary goal in its management. Fortunately, this is not difficult and can be done effectively by washing your face regularly. Orange essential oil can help smooth the skin and treat acne by reducing sebum production when applied topically after a face wash. It can also be effective in preserving skin color and improving its appearance. Many products now include orange peel in their compositions for this property.

12. Prevents cancer

Cancer occurs when cells grow and divide rapidly, causing damage to the body. Radiation and chemotherapy are popular methods used to treat cancer, however, orange essential oil is a much more cost effective and safe way to rid the body of cancer cells. It can inhibit their growth in the cellular stage through apoptosis and can also be used to manage any side effects that may result from treatment with potent chemotherapeutic drugs (source).

13. Promotes digestion

Orange essential oil helps promote the secretion of digestive juice, ensuring that the food we eat is completely absorbed. It is also effective in managing gastrointestinal disorders that lead to inflammatory conditions, such as Crohn’s disease or gastritis.

14. Protects the heart from thrombotic disease

Blood flow becomes difficult when the diameter of the blood vessels is limited, due to the deposition of atherosclerotic fatty plaques there for many years. Eventually, a state is reached when oxygen and nutrients are unable to cross the target cells through the blood, as narrowing of the blood vessels makes blood flow almost impossible. The result is typically a myocardial infarction or a stroke from intense pressure build-up. Orange essential oil can protect the heart by lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood, which reduces the amount of these deposits that can form. It also has mild blood-thinning properties, allowing blood to flow more easily and freely.

15. Promotes Healthy Hair

Hair loss can be frustrating for many, especially when you do not know the root cause. However, regular use of orange essential oil can have positive effects both in increasing hair volume and in preventing hair loss. It can help promote healthy hair growth by increasing blood flow, metabolism and balancing the oils on the scalp to ensure hair health is optimized.


Orange essential oil has many great health benefits and is very versatile, as it can be used in a variety of ways and with different carrier oils to promote its functions. You always knew that oranges are good for you, what would you say to add its essential oil for even more convenient benefits?

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