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Pure Shilajit ( آفتابی سلاجیت ) In Pakistan From Gilgit

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Buy 100% Pure Shilajit in Pakistan directly from Gilgit, Karakoram Shilajit offers Premium Gold Grade Original Shilajit in Pakistan. We have an in-house Shilajit Purification Facility in Gilgit City, Get Freshly Purified Shilajit directly from its Origin.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a thick, black-brown sticky substance produced by the gradual decomposition of plants over thousands of years

It usually pulls rocks from high mountains when it is hot. It is found mainly in the Himalayan and Karakoram mountains between Pakistan and India, although it has also been found in Russia, Tibet, Afghanistan and northern China.

Pure Shilajit has been known and used for centuries by traditional Ayurvedic practitioners.

New research shows that it can be applied to a variety of health benefits, including brain function, testosterone support and more.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of shilajit, its safety and its history.

It gets a few different names like salajeet, salajit, shilageet, shilajeet, Aftabi Shilajit, Asli Shilajit, Asli Salajeet or just mineral tar.

The word “shilajit” is a Sanskrit word meaning “conqueror of the mountains and destroyer of weakness” and “winner of the rock”. This indicates its supposed health benefits.

In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, Shilajit is said to be the herb Rasayana, a refreshing substance that helps slow down ageing.

Modern research shows that it can have a variety of applications as an adaptogenic herb, including helping to combat fatigue, ageing and other health problems.

The fascinating plant material known as Asli Shilajit has profound effects on the physical body and mind, including the ability to extend life. This thick, black-brown, sticky substance is made from plants and organic matter that have been trapped by many layers of rock for millions of years in areas around India, China, Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan, Central Asia and Central Asia. Scandinavia. The extreme fluctuations of hot and cold weather combined with the enormous pressure from the weight of the mountains create the mineral-rich flowing out of the rocks. In some areas, long-legged scorpions will bite the rocks and the venom that is dispersed causes the shilajit to flow out of the rocks. There are four different types of Shilajit: Copper (Tamra) which is blue, Silver (Rajat) which is white, Gold (Sauvarna) which is red and Iron (Lauha) which is black, brown in colour and is the species used for treatment.

The discovery of Shilajit?

Shilajit was first discovered by Himalayan villagers. They watched large white monkeys gather and travel to the tops of the mountains every summer. The monkeys were often seen eating a soft, black substance that the villagers eventually realized was coming from the Himalayan mountains. The villagers then began to consume this organic matter. It did not take long for them to realize its amazing healing powers in both physical and mental health, as well as in increased muscle and bone strength and the potential for increased longevity.

Chemistry of Shilajit?

The researchers found plant organisms in shilajit from many species such as Trifolium repens, Euphorbia royleana, Pellia, Minium, Barbula, Stephenrencella-Anthoceros, Fissidens, Asterella, Plagiochasma, Thuidium, Marchantia and Dumortiera. Shilajit is found in the mountains of Tibet Shilajit, the Altai Shilajit, and the Caucasus, as well as in the Gilgit Baltistan region of northern Pakistan, but is most commonly found in the Himalayan mountains known as Himalayan Shilajit, and Karakoram Shilajit. There are many different names for this tar-like mass which are: silajit, salajeet, shilajeet, mumijo, momia, moomiyo, shargai, black asphaltum, asphaltum punjabianum (Latin), mineral tar or mineral wax (English), dorobi, barahshin, brag-shun or baraga shun, chao-tong and wu ling zhi.

Main Elements and Vitamins in Shilajit:

Asli Shilajit contains over 85 natural ionic minerals as well as fulvic acid, humic acid and essential phytonutrients. According to the Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic & Research Center in India, the chemical composition of fulvic acid is: “100% natural organic water extraction from 75-million-year-old earth deposits and contains about 74 basic complexes and dissolved minerals and trace elements. It contains 42% fulvic acid solids. ” Andy Kahn writes in his report entitled “What is Shilajit?” saying, “The fulvic acid in shilajit is in its most natural and pure form. “Fulvic acid is required for the expansion of cell walls and the transport of metals deep into cells.” What is meant by cell wall dilation is that fulvic acid increases intracellular mineral concentrations through facilitated transport. If we cannot absorb the vitamins and minerals that enter our body, our tissues become deficient and we lack energy, both physical and mental. These deficiencies can accelerate the ageing process, also known as ageing. Fulvic acid allows 85+ minerals from shilajit to enter the body’s cells quickly and can “effectively extend cell life and keep them healthy for a very long time”.

What are the main Chemical Components in Shilajit?

The main chemical components of Pure shilajit are humic acid, fulvic acid, benzoic acid, benzoate and high concentration of esters of vitamins A, B, C. It consists of 60-80% organic matter, 20-40% mineral material and 5% trace elements. Shilajit consists mainly of humic substances which are the end results of decay from plant and organic matter. These microorganisms are divided into three subcategories: humines, humic acid and fulvic acids based on their water solubility and pH levels. Fulvic acid is soluble in water under different pH conditions. Humic acid is soluble in water under alkaline conditions. Humines are not soluble in water under any pH conditions. Fulvic acid has a very low molecular weight and a higher oxygen content than other humic acids, which allows it to be well absorbed in the intestinal tract and eliminated from the body within a few hours. Increases the permeability of biomembranes, which makes it possible to better absorb or assimilate other active ingredients by sensitizing cell membranes. It also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties,

How is Shilajit made?

Shilajit consists of humus and organic plant materials that have been compressed from layers of rock. Over thousands of years, this has created the dark tar-like substance we know as Shilajeet.

Due to its unique composition as a plant complex rich in fulvic acid, researchers speculate that Shilajit is produced by the decomposition of plant material from species such as Euphorbia royleana (Sullu Spurge) and Trifolium repens (white clover).

Further studies have found that several other plant organisms can cause shilajit, such as mold such as Barbula, Fissidens, Minium and Thuidium, and other species such as Asterella, Dumortiera, Marchantia, Pellia, Plagiochasma and Stephenrencella-Anthoceros.

The process of decomposition created by shilajit seems to have taken place over the centuries, and on this basis, shilajit is considered a millennial product of nature.

Shilajit in Pakistan:

Original Shilajit is only found in the mountainous areas of Gilgit Baltistan, due to its numerous health benefits its demand is always very high in Pakistan as well across the world. It is very hard to extract shilajit stone as it is found on high altitudes at 1500fts, therefore the price of the original shilajit is very high.

The purification of shilajit is also a challenging task, the raw shilajit stone contains some hard metals, which requires professional purification of shilajit stone. We at Karakoram offers the Pure Shilajit in Pakistan, as we have professional shilajit purification of more than 6 years. Karakoram has in House Shilajit Purification Facility in Gilgit City. If you are looking for Pure Shilajit Resin in Pakistan, You can Buy Pure Shilajit Online from Karakoram.shop Karakoram Shilajit offers,

Purely Organic Shilajit in Pakistan

Freshly Purified Asli Shilajit in Pakistan

Pure Aftabi Shilajit in Pakistan

Shilajit Price in Pakistan

Karakoram offers Original Shilajit at the best affordable prices in Pakistan. The Prices for Pure Shilajit start at 100 rupees per 1 gram in Pakistan. And Price for Pure Shilajit in Pakistan as follow;

  • Pure Shilajit 10 Grams Price in Pakistan is 1000 PKR
  • Pure Shilajit 20 Grams Price in Pakistan is 2000 PKR
  • Pure Shilajit 30 Grams Price in Pakistan is 3000 PKR
  • Pure Shilajit 50 Grams Price in Pakistan is 4500 PKR
  • Pure Shilajit 100 Grams Price in Pakistan is 8000 PKR
  • Pure Shilajit 1KG Price in Pakistan is 45000 PKR

Karakoram.shop offers cash on delivery across all the major cities of Pakistan that including Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Quetta, Sialkot, Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad.

Karakoram Shilajit Dosage:

Karakoram Shilajit is 100% Pure Aftabi Shilajit in Pakistan, therefore the amount should be very minimum. Dissolve a portion the size of a grain of rice or the size of a pea in liquid (water, Milk, Shakes) and drink it one to two times a day (at night before going to bed and in the early morning before breakfast). Karakoram Shilajit recommended dose not more than 300 to 500 mg per day.

What’s in Shilajit?

Shilajit resin contains several phytochemicals and nutrients.

Contains dibenzo-alphapyrones and related metabolites, small peptides, humic acid, some lipids, uronic acids, phenolic glycosides, amino acids and fulvic acid.

Fulvic acid in particular is an important nutrient. It acts as a carrier molecule in the human system and helps transport nutrients to the deep tissues of the body. It also helps remove toxins from the body (Yuan et al, 1993).

It also contains more than 84 metals such as copper, silver, zinc, iron and lead in their ionic form. Thus, it provides most of the essential minerals that the body needs daily.

A recent study on the composition of the Andean Shilajit in Chile found that it has an extremely high antioxidant value (ORAC rating) that is significantly higher than noni and blackberries. This is due to its high content of fulvic acid, which has a strong antioxidant activity (Carrasco-Gallardo et al, 2012).

Shilajit Side Effects:

Buying shilajit from a reputable source is important. Genuine shilajit is made by mixing raw tar with water. It is then filtered and the water evaporates in the sun. This process is repeated six more times.

Untreated shilajit can be infected with potentially toxic fungi. Shilajit contains significant amounts of uric acid and should not be taken by people with gout, gout or uric acid stones (small stones in the uric acid kidney).

High quality, refined shilajit is generally well tolerated and safe to take (Stohs, 2014).

In a placebo-controlled study, 20 healthy subjects were administered 2000 mg of treated shilajit daily for 45 days in capsule form (Sharma et al., 2003). No significant changes in heart rate, blood pressure or body weight were observed.

Can Shilajit be used during pregnancy and lactation?

No known studies are showing the safety and effectiveness of shilajit in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Shilajit Properties:

Adaptive, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-ulcer, hypoglycemic, immune amphoteric. inhibits the allergic response

Shilajit History and Traditional Use:

Shilajit is an important part of the Ayurvedic medicine system. It is known as Rasayana, which is an herb that rejuvenates the body, increases longevity and helps slow down the ageing process.

In addition, in traditional Indian medicine, it was also used to enhance masculinity (used with ashwagandha) and to treat diabetes, anaemia, ulcers, kidney stones, asthma, arthritis, anxiety, heart disease, of jaundice, epilepsy and gallstones (Winston, 2019).

According to Charaka Samhita (a traditional Ayurvedic text), “There is no curable disease in the universe that cannot be cured with shilajit.”

Shilajit is traditionally consumed by people from Nepal and North India and children usually take it with milk at breakfast.

Sherpas in all the Himalayas claim to eat shilajit. is an unusual group of robust males with extremely high levels of longevity.

Ancient texts describe four types of shilajit by colour: red, yellow, bluish-grey, and black to brown. It is the last type used in medicine.

Shilajit Nutrition Facts:

Known by many names, shilajit is also called mineral tar, mineral wax, black asphalt, Asphaltum punjabianum (Latin), shargai, dorobi, barahshin, baragshun, mumlai, brag zhun, chao-tong, wu ling zhi, baad-a- ghee, and arkhar-tash and mumiyo (transliteration variable as mumijo, mumio, momia and moomiyo).

It is a tar-like substance (known as biomass) found in the mountains of the Shilajit Himalayas and Shilajit Tibet. As the lush forests condensed as the mountains emerged, shilajit formed. When temperatures rise around these Indian mountains, this tar-like medical miracle substance gushes from the crevices in the mountains. With a colour from yellowish-brown to pure black, the black variety is considered the most nutritious.

It is not clear whether shilajit is a purely biological or geological substance, as it has a high presence of nutrients found in both categories. Some of the most recognized nutrients in it are fulvic acid, humic acids and dibenzo alpha nuclei.

While different types and brands may contain different concentrations of certain vitamins and minerals, this analysis of a brand’s nutrient content helps to give a starting point for the amounts of common minerals you can find. It is commonly said that shilajit, in its pure form, contains about 85 different vitamins and minerals.

One serving of Karakoram Shilajit Resin (approximately 400mg) contains approximately:

  • 3 calories
  • 5.4 milligrams of iron (30 percent DV)
  • 40 milligrams of calcium (4 percent DV)
  • 2.8 micrograms of selenium (4 percent DV)
  • 0.45 milligrams of zinc (3 percent DV)

How do I take Shilajit?

Shilajit is not immediately available in a grocery store – however, it is possible to buy imported shilajit at various online retailers. The three forms it comes in are shilajit powder, shilajit resin and supplements. Depending on who you ask, each option has its advantages, but most experts generally agree that pure shilajit resin is the purest form to buy.

“How do you take resin as a supplement?” you may ask. In most cases, people find that the simplest method of taking it is the simplest method of taking a small portion daily (often between a grain of rice and a pea) and mixing it with water.

But beware: it does not taste great. If you choose to use shilajit, you probably want to get in the habit of quickly pouring a glass of water with dissolved Original Shilajit or adding this water to a smoothie or other liquid to neutralize the rubbery taste.

An important part of its market is finding reliable distributors. Many companies sell various Himalayan shilajit products, but many of them are very crude forms of the substance or cut with other, non-nutritious things. Again, do your research before you start taking it.

The Medically Proven Shilajit Benefits

Shilajit is a mineral-rich resin that gushes from Himalayan rocks. For centuries, it has been used for its healing properties by Ayurvedic healers. Recent studies have revealed 25 benefits of shilajit that can improve your health and well-being. Read below to learn more about this miraculous substance!

 1) Power amplifier:

Shilajit helps to spray fat molecules. Absorbs excess fat and converts it into energy, leading to more strength and endurance. Hormone levels increase resulting in increased levels of energy, strength, endurance and longer-lasting results even after relief sessions.

2) Increases testosterone:

It also acts as an aphrodisiac due to its ability to increase sperm motility. Higher testosterone means your body is working harder, which leads to all the benefits – from faster fat burning to faster muscle building. Shilajit’s testosterone-boosting properties are probably due to dibenzo-nuclei – compounds found within – which mimic the molecule – cyclic AMP.

3) Muscle mass:

Hunza Shilajit helps boost muscle growth by stimulating testosterone secretion. It has been scientifically proven that it can convert androgens into anabolic hormones, which help reabsorb amino acids in muscle and increase protein synthesis.

 4) Builds lean muscle:

 It encourages healthy cell division and cell growth within one’s body, leading to reduced fat storage for more lean muscle mass. Shilajit contains sodium, selenium, magnesium and iodine, which are essential nutrients for boosting muscle production in the body. These elements also help reduce excessive water retention even more after you lose your initial weight, which is a huge benefit for most people.

 5) Bones:

Aftabi Shilajit also has natural anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce joint pain and improve bone strength over time. It helps reduce the amount of calcium you lose from your bones after intense workouts, which makes many wrestlers and weightlifters destroy their bodies in every race or workout.

 6) Additional energy:

 Shilajit also helps increase the resistance of body tissues against fatigue, which allows you to last longer in any type of physical activity, whether it is a professional wrestling match or a long hike. It is known to increase energy levels while reducing the rate of fat absorption during exercise. Not absorbing fat means you will be able to work harder and harder without the risk of getting tired too quickly.

7) Mood booster:

Salajeet is an effective remedy for depression and stress. It removes mental fatigue while making you spiritually active and alerts due to the rich aloe vera, biblical and Saranda.

 8) Improvement of endurance:

 Shilajit can also help improve one’s endurance levels, which is a huge benefit for professional wrestlers. It is known to increase the body’s energy level and increase tissue resistance to fatigue, as mentioned above. Not only will you be able to work harder for longer without getting tired, but you will also be more resilient over time – a quality that almost every wrestler needs to succeed.

 9) Prevents muscle loss and repair:

Another advantage of Shilajit is its ability to prevent the breakdown of proteins and enhance protein production within muscles or tissues, preventing unnecessary muscle loss after strenuous training. The extra protein produced leads to improved new cell growth, which can help you heal from injury faster without risking any long-term damage, keeping your muscles intact.

10) Anti-aging effects:

Shalit also has anti-aging properties. Reduces oxidative stress over time, which prevents the body from being damaged by excessive free radicals. Free radicals are released during physical activity or strenuous exercise, so this ability helps wrestlers to avoid premature ageing due to fighting and constant training.

11) Builds endurance:

If you want to strengthen your stamina to withstand more prolonged fighting, then Shilajit can help you do just that. Even if you have already built your life but want to increase it further, supplementing with Shilajit will give you the edge over your opponent. It’s mainly due to its fat-burning abilities and endurance-boosting properties – two things most professional wrestlers need if they want to stay in the game longer.

12) Increases energy levels:

Shilajit can increase your overall energy level during exercise or sports, which is a huge advantage for any wrestler who wants to have an advantage over his opponent. You will be able to endure more before you get tired, allowing you to push yourself harder and benefit more from each workout. Shilajit helps prevent fat absorption while increasing lean muscle mass, so it is a great supplement that you can have when you swell and shrink.

13) Anti-inflammatory:

Another great benefit of Shilajit is its anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce pain and inflammation of the joints while also increasing the elasticity of the joints and muscles. A higher level of elastin production can help wrestlers recover faster from injuries or sprains, so it is highly recommended that you take Shilajit if you ever hope to recover quickly between fights during a fight (or not at all).

14) Antioxidant:

Shilajit is rich in antioxidants that prevent the body from being damaged by excessive free radicals that are released when you do strenuous exercise or any other type of physical activity. You will be able to reduce the rate of fat absorption, increase lean muscle mass and maintain your natural energy levels while training with Shilajit in your system. This helps reduce muscle loss, which in turn improves your endurance and performance during the fight.

15) Strengthen the immune system:

Another great advantage of Shilajit is its ability to strengthen the human immune system, especially during strenuous physical activities such as wrestling. This can help prevent long-term illness or injury by keeping your body in shape and healthy at all times (something that is essential for wrestlers). Without a well-functioning immune system, it will be more difficult to fight infections that would otherwise have been avoided.

16) Neuroprotective properties:

Shilajit has neuroprotective properties that can help boost brain power by improving memory, focus and attention levels without causing harmful side effects like most other stimulants or chemical-based substances out there. It also has anti-stress and anti-stress properties, so it can help you maintain peace of mind.

17) Brain booster:

Scientists are currently experimenting with Shilajit to classify it as a nootropic supplement because of its ability to enhance mental performance while helping to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety at the same time. When supplemented correctly (with the right dose), the effects of Shilajit should be similar to those of caffeine. Shows antidepressant effects by improving mood and reducing the symptoms of depression over time.

18) Mood booster:

Shilajit also has powerful mood-boosting properties, which is great for anyone suffering from depression or anxiety. If you are currently competing, this will help keep your mind focused for longer periods, leading to better results over time (more wins). Prolonged mental stress can lead to nerve damage, but Shilajit’s ability to improve mood and combat stress-related depression is invaluable among wrestlers.

19) Anti-diabetic results:

These anti-diabetic properties help prevent diabetes by naturally increasing insulin levels in the body and help diabetics recover after an episode caused by excessive fluctuations in blood sugar levels due to food intake or other reasons. A stronger immune system and improved brain function are also benefits that accompany Shilajit’s anti-diabetic properties, so you will also feel better overall as your supplement.

20) Athletic performance enhancer:

Shilajit can help improve athletic performance in endurance and strength activities due to its ability to increase ATP production through many different mechanisms. ATP transports energy throughout the body during intense physical activity, so the constant supply of this compound within your muscles will immediately translate into increased levels of endurance. This allows wrestlers to train for longer periods without fatigue or discomfort from previous injuries they have suffered over time. However, in order to experience the effects of Shilajit, it should be taken at least 30 minutes before the start of training. There are no known side effects associated with Shilajit, so you can stack it with other nootropics or supplements without worrying about its safety or its negative interactions.

21) Memory booster:

Shilajit has memory enhancement capabilities that allow you to recall things more accurately as you think about them, something that can help anyone studying for an exam or just trying to learn something new quickly. This effect is also felt in the younger generation due to its ability to enhance focus and attention (which improves overall cognitive function). This makes Shilajit a great supplement for all ages, especially for wrestlers who need an edge over their opponents during training and real competitions.

22) Improves physical performance:

When supplemented with the right amount of Shilajit, physical performance can increase significantly depending on the type of activity you do. This means you can sprint faster, lift heavier weights and perform harder wrestling moves without feeling tired or uncomfortable. People suffering from chronic pain will find relief from taking Shilajit because of these effects.

23) Antiviral properties:

Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, Shilajit has been shown to have some beneficial anti-viral effects, making it a good supplement for those suffering from the common cold and flu that spread quickly through contact. It can help reduce fever by lowering body temperature and reducing pain and inflammation.

24) Reduces blood sugar levels:

Shilajit is great for those currently suffering from type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetic symptoms because it can naturally lower blood sugar levels, enhancing its overall health benefits. People with borderline diabetes will keep their blood sugar levels stable and help prevent further complications due to the ability of this supplement to reduce glucose absorption in the digestive system. This means that you will experience fewer hunger pangs and higher energy levels during the day, so your workouts will improve significantly over time. Overall health has never been better after taking Shilajit supplements, as healthy hormones are now within normal limits (which allows enhanced sexual function).

25) Can be mixed with other supplements:

Taking Shilajit in isolation may benefit some people, but you will notice much better results when stacked with other supplements such as noopept and Rhodiola Rosea. This is because each ingredient works well with each others and enhances its overall effects on the body over time. It is also worth noting that this supplement will work even better than caffeine, due to its ability to provide stable energy to the muscles without flickering or “crashing” later. This makes it a great choice for athletes, especially wrestlers who need an edge over their opponents during training or challenging competitions. These ingredients form a trio that helps promote healthy testosterone levels and overall well-being when combined.


Pure Shilajit ( آفتابی سلاجیت ) In Pakistan From Gilgit

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  1. Mehdi Mayoon
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    I tried a couple of online store to get shilajit as I live in Karachi and its hard to get in departmental store. But I find Pure Shilajit by Gilgit Organics is 100% Original, they sent directly from gilgit and its purest very powerful.

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    Thank You, 100% Original Shilajit, Very bitter taste and very strong smell, and I only used it hardly twice or thrice a week, and it keeps me super charge.

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    Behtareen Salajeet, Pure Highly Recommended.

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    This is my second time order from them, Pure Shilajit. Keep up the quality.

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    Highly Recommended!

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    Original Shilajit.

    I have been using this Shilajit for 2 weeks now, pure Shilajit in Pakistan I ever tried at best rates.
    Highly Recommend

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    Good quality

    100 pure quality of salajit

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    Pure Shilajit online in Pakistan

    May nay 10 Grams Shilajit purchase kiya tha 1 week phly order kiya that check karna, best Shilajit in Pakistan. Phr may nay 50 grams order kiya. Abi mara 50 Grams Shilajit ka parcel received hogaye.
    Thank you. I recommend to everyone, how needs online Shilajit in Pakistan.

  9. Javed Qurashi
    Only Pure Aftabi Seller

    Best Aftabi Shilajit seller in Pakistan. I tried different sellers online across Pakistan, non match with the quality of Gilgit Organic’s Aftabi Shilajit.
    Very powerful highly recommend

  10. M. Ismail
    Best Shilajit

    Purest Shilajit I ever get. Thank You.
    Pure Aftabi Shilajit, very good Quality.

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    Best Shilajit in Pakistan

    100% original Shilajit, premium package and quality.
    Recommend to everyone.

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    100% Original Quality

    Best Shilajit in Pakistan at best affordable rates. I ordered 50grams Shilajit while it’s in stock. Keep the premium quality.

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  13. Shadab

    Good Quality Shilajit Sir. Allah Khush rakhay ap ko. Mujay pasnd aya

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    Bery good product

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      Thank you sir. We have the purest shilajit in Pakistan. We are looking forward to cater you in Future.

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    Pure Shilajit Seller in Pakistan. Good Quality

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    Highly recommend

  17. Imran

    I tried so many times highly recommend

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    Good Quality Salajit in Pakistan. thoda late received hogaya but pure quality salajit

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    Amazing product fast delivery

    Am from karachi and your product is amazing
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