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Walnut Kilao
Walnut Kilao
Walnut kilawo

Organic Walnut Kilao from Gilgit

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Buy Freshly Made Purely Organic Walnuts Kilwao in Pakistan from Gilgit. Gilgit organics Offers Premium Quality Walnut Kilawo packed in a premium package for your loved ones.

  • Freshly Made Walnuts Kilawo.
  • Purely Organic Walnuts Kilawo.
  • Premium Quality and Packaging.
  • No Sugar Added.
  • Best affordable rates in Pakistan.
  • Weight: 500 Grams (When Packed)
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Buy Freshly Made Purely Organic Walnuts Kilao in Pakistan from Gilgit. Karakoram Offers Premium Quality Walnut Kilawo packed in a premium package for your loved ones.

  • Freshly Made Walnuts Kilao.
  • Purely Organic Walnuts Kilao.
  • Premium Quality and Packaging.
  • No Sugar Added.
  • Best affordable rates in Pakistan.
  • Weight: 500 Grams (When Packed)

What is Kilao

Kilao the king of Dried Fruits from the natives of Gilgit Baltistan, a gift to Organic Food Lovers in Pakistan, made from various dried fruits such as Organic Walnuts, Almonds and Apricot kernels. Kilao is the indigenous Product of Ghizer Valley, letter it introduced in neighbouring villages in Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza chocolate is the same as Kilao but the original recipe of Kilao only included Grape Juice while the Hunza Chocolate is made as a commercial product adding sugar, mulberry juice (dried mulberry soak in water with added sugar to extract the sweeter flavour). Organic Kilao made from grape juice and locally cultivated wheat flour is a key ingredient in Kilao.

Walnut Kilao of Gilgit-Baltistan is famous not only in Pakistan but all over the world for its nutrition and taste. Due to its usefulness and good taste, people eat it with great pleasure and people who come for tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan get this gift for their friends. Not only that but now this gift of Gilgit-Baltistan is being exported all over the world.

The method of preparation of Kilao is very difficult and arduous, but the benefits and taste of Kilao obtained after this hard work and effort remove all your fatigue.

Types of Kilao

The Organic Kilao is usually made in three ways, or so to speak, from three types of dried fruit, with the first and most popular being the walnut. Secondly, almonds are used in their preparation and thirdly, it is also made from apricot kernels.

Walnut Kilao

Kilao walnut is one of the most widely prepared and consumed Walnut Kilao, which is made with the help of Hunza chocolate to make the walnut kernels more delicious and healthy. Like Walnut Kilao, other Kilao nuts such as almonds and apricots are prepared in the same way, but Walnut Kilao is the most famous of its kind.

Materials for Kilao

There are two fixed ingredients between these three dried fruits as ingredients for making Kilao, one is black grape juice and the other is wheat flour. You can also use white grape juice if you can not find black grapes. But in the original Kilao recipe or Hunza chocolate recipe, only black grape juice is used.

In Hunza, the grapes ripen in September or at the beginning of the winter season. And by the end of September, the people of Hunza take the vines out of the vineyards into the valley and store them or sell them.

At the same time, people are making Kilao nuts so that you can fully enjoy their usefulness and taste in winter. Apart from that, the locals also earn foreign exchange by selling it in other cities of Pakistan and in other countries of the world.

Kilo is known as a very important and necessary food in winter and people living in Gilgit-Baltistan use Kilo as a staple food in winter.

Recipe for Walnut Kilao

The grapes are first harvested from the vines with the help of large baskets to make Kilawo. And then they are washed by putting them in a large basin that looks like a pool. After being thoroughly washed, the people of the house make fresh grape juice with the help of their hands and feet in the same pool, which then comes out with the help of a small pipe in the pool.

In this process of extracting grape juice, the basic principles of health and hygiene are observed. And before you make grape juice, it is necessary to take a good bath and wash your hands and feet. Also, if someone at home is sick, they are not involved in the process.

The black grape juice is collected in a large container at the mouth of the pool pipe and the collected juice is purified with the help of muslin cloth to obtain a clear and transparent juice.

The juice is then cooked in a large saucepan. And a little juice is separated to add wheat flour to it.

On the one hand, the old ladies of the house cook the juice from the black grapes and on the other, their daughters mix the flour into the juice.

The flour is slowly mixed in the grape juice and stirred constantly so that no lumps form in the juice. So much wheat flour is mixed in this juice that this juice becomes as thick and soft as honey.

Hunza chocolate

And after the flour is mixed with the juice on the other side, slowly add it to the boiling juice. This process is also done with great care. The two are stirred constantly while pouring slowly. Both are cooked long enough to take on a light brown, chocolate colour. And then they slow down the stove.

Once it is completed The process begins with the next and last step, ie dipping the dried fruit in it, so that the cooked and mixed grape juice from wheat flour can be fully applied to these nuts. Due to its chocolate colour, it is known as Hunza chocolate.

As I mentioned, Kilao is made from three types of dried fruit, so these dried fruits are given as pearls in a necklace with the help of a needle and thread. A string or garland of these dried fruits is made and then hung on a wooden stick like a flower garland.

Then the dried fruits hanging on this wooden stick are dipped in the juice of the ripe grapes and with the help of a spoon, these dried fruits are well applied with this Hunza chocolate.

Finally, the dried Kilao fruits are placed in the sun to dry. Once dry and cool, Kilao nuts are ready to eat with a great taste.

Benefits of Kilao Dried Fruit

People should use dried fruits not only in winters but all year round and all seasons. There is a treasure trove of nutrients in dried fruits by nature that can positively affect one’s physical and mental health.

Nutritionists say all dried fruits are very rich in natural nutrients. They give positive results due to their high content of essential minerals and vitamins for human health.

According to nutritionists, one should use 3 to 4 nuts on a daily basis due to their richness in proteins, vitamin E, minerals, omega-3 and fatty acids, which are an excellent food for heart health. And so having Kilao nuts makes ordinary dried fruits healthier, tastier and more amazing.

Almonds are the king of nuts. Rich in monounsaturated, almonds are considered the best for heart, brain and skin health. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, magnesium and potassium. Doctors recommend at least 4 to 7 almonds on a daily basis for optimal health.

Kilao Price in Pakistan

Karakoram Shop offer Purely Organic Walnut Kilao in Pakistan, The price is solely dependent on the quality of Kilao. We at Karakoram Source Premium Quality, Fresh Seasoned and No sugar added Kilao. The Price of Kilao in Pakistan starts at 100 Grams Walnut Kilao for 250 Rupees in Pakistan. The Detailed Price is listed as follow:

  • Walnut Kilao 250 Grams Price in Pakistan is 500 Rupees
  • Walnut Kilao 500 Grams Price in Pakistan is 1399 Rupees
  • Walnut Kilao 850 Grams Price in Pakistan is  1800 Rupees
  • Walnut Kilao 1 KG Price in Pakistan is 2400 Rupees

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Weight .500 kg

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